Accelerating racial equity, equality and inclusion. 

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About the Program

Providing nine neighborhoods with the capital, expertise and collaboration to create equitable growth and economic mobility.

Nine Great Neighborhoods

Introducing the passionate leaders selected to chart and execute a community-informed vision for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fifth Third Empowering Black Futures Neighborhood Program?

The Fifth Third Empowering Black Futures Neighborhood Program is a $180 million initiative designed to support and revitalize majority-Black communities that have experienced disinvestment. The program will span three years and focus on organizations that represent cross-sector partnerships to serve communities within Fifth Third’s retail banking footprint.

The Fifth Third Empowering Black Futures Neighborhood Program is part of Fifth Third’s $2.8 billion Accelerating Racial Equity, Equality and Inclusion commitment that will provide $2.2 billion in lending, $500 million in investments, $60 million in financial accessibility and $40 million in philanthropy. The initiative is focused on four strategic pillars to create more equitable outcomes for its customers and communities through strategic investments, access to capital, financial inclusion and education, and social justice and advocacy.

How will the funds be invested?

Of Fifth Third Bank’s $180 million investment, 90% of the funds will be invested into small business, mortgage and neighborhood revitalization loans and investments. Ten percent of the dollars will be invested in philanthropic efforts.

Why this program now?

Decades of anti-Black systemic racism in housing policy and practice have maintained patterns of residential segregation and neighborhood disinvestment and displacement across the United States. Building more equitable neighborhoods is vital to the nation’s long overdue focus on racial equity and inclusion. As author and researcher Lawrence T. Brown has written: “You can't make Black lives matter if you don't make Black neighborhoods matter.”

What role is Enterprise Community Partners playing?

Fifth Third Bank selected Enterprise to lead and manage the program. Enterprise designed and, with Fifth Third Bank, co-led the criteria-based, invitation-only competitive application process. Enterprise is partnering with each of the nine selected neighborhoods to provide technical assistance and support with developing and implementing an economic mobility plan that includes people- and place-based opportunities.

Program Partners

Fifth Third  and Enterprise have joined forces to help generate and sustain economic mobility in America’s Black neighborhoods.

Program Timeline

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March 2021

Launch of the Fifth Third and Enterprise collaboration and invitation-only competitive application process.

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October 2021

Announcement of the nine neighborhoods and organizations leading cross-sector partnerships.

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November 2021 – 2024

The neighborhoods develop, launch and measure a community-informed economic mobility plan.

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